18 August 2022
AirEvo, the mechatronic tailor is born
An extract from Tissue Mag 2019
18 August 2022
Toilet tissue changes shape
An extract from Tissue Mag 2018
18 August 2022
Roll without glue
An innovative patent for making glue-free paper rolls
18 August 2022
Energy saving booklet
Energy management: technology and application cases
10 August 2022
The machines speak: let’s listen to them
An extract from Tissue Mag 2020
20 August 2017
Revision of an old tube
Simple work, but now the tube bar is more reliable and easier to use and this means more production.
12 May 2017
Revolucion Pacheco
Tre anni di collaborazione con persone straordinarie hanno prodotto grandi risultati.
13 February 2017
Revision Gemini 500 Consani
We completed, together with Baldatec, the overhaul of an old Gemini 500 built in 1999 by Alberto Consani.
13 February 2017
Carta & Cartiere
In N°5 of Carta & Cartiere 2015, an interview with our administrator for his 25 years in the converting machines sector